A Healthcare Revolution: HealthFabric is a cloud based technology platform powering AgileMedicine’s suite of products. Innovative architecture for long-term compounding healthcare data sets, world class data storage, powerful authentication and smart ontological management set HealthFabric technology apart from other research platforms.

HealthFabric’s feature-rich platform allows AgileMedicine customers to store any size and any type of health data. Using hybrid data warehousing technology, HealthFabric facilitates seamless scalability and storage flexibility, and processes information recall across large data sets in milliseconds.

Intuitively designed with HIPAA compliant architecture, HealthFabric’s platform is the right choice for your research. We hope you will join us in creating new pathways, and expanding boundaries, with research products built on HealthFabric Technology. For more information please contact us through our website or call (612) 293-9191.