Paperless form generation. Form-based data capture is easier with Clinical Forms. Create and manage digital capture forms for any of your assessment or inventory needs. Used in conjunction with AgiliCare, data from Clinical Forms can be appended to patient records or easily recalled for manual review or electronic submission. Clinical Forms allows you to run operations more efficiently through:

  • Capture patient data with structured, coded forms
  • Create custom forms
  • Use standard forms (e.g. PHQ-9, GDS)
  • Track patient progress

Several standardized medical forms are available for use in screening for depression, asthma, brain injury and more.

In addition, AgileMedicine’s digital pen application incorporates the instant versatility of an electronic document for applications where handwritten information is more appropriate. Upload and share handwritten notes, forms or sketches in seconds. Data can be linked to and be made instantly available in patient files.

For more information or to register for this service, visit or contact us through our website or call (612) 293-9191.