Reliable Data Capture When your research requires cutting edge tools and innovative collection methods, AgiliCare delivers. In addition to full mobile device and wireless Electronic Data Capture (EDC), AgiliCare supports Electronic Health Record (EHR) and Laboratory Information System (LIMS) integration.


Feature-Rich Management Investigators conducting small scale research will gain the same value as organizations using AgiliCare at the enterprise level. With features like automated study eligibility verification, dynamic form and report generation, AgiliCare helps you run your clinical research effectively. Data can easily be grouped, classified and transformed in several major medical coding systems to meet your custom management needs.


Intelligent Search Features Search millions of records in sub seconds. Fast semantic searching is made possible by point-of-entry meta-data encoding for expert search reference. AgiliCare stores data based on the United Medical Library System Metathesaurus supports robust/ advanced search functions for diverse data, including custom forms, generation sequencing, and high resolution imaging.


Flexible Analysis Options Access and analyze your data from anywhere, anytime. Whether your working with a small static data sets or complex real-time data, AgiliCare provides the right customizable data analysis environment for your trial. AgiliCare utilizes Amazon EC2 technology for high volume processing of large data sets to provide maximum computational performance.


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